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Posted on: June 16, 2009 10:49 pm
Edited on: June 16, 2009 10:50 pm

NBA DRAFT and 4 teams who should read this....

I think the Thunder, T-WOLVES and Grizzlies and Wizards have the best chances of really grabbing guys to put in thier starting rotations that will pay off immediately. Let's start with the GRIZZLIES They allready Have a C in Marc Gasol but you might be able to move him to PF and draft THABEET with your 2nd overall pick. That's the road I would travel. You allready have Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo as your starting 2 and 3 and last season Mike Conley finally started to show flashes of what he could do. A good PF would be the answer but besides GRIFFIN who is going 1st to the Clippers there really isn't a PF worth taking at 2. Second you have the THUNDER. They have DURANT, WESTBROOK and GREEN to go with guys like COLLISON, KRSTIC and SWIFT at te C position so Thabeet wouldn't work here even though these 3 guys are all better suited at PF except for SWIFT who has been a bust with injuries since he came into the league. Everyone thnks RUBIO will be the pick here if he makes it past MEMPHIS but I don't like RUBIO in either of these spots. Here I like a guy like JAMES HARDEN who you could put at the 2 instead of moving WESTBROOK to the 2 and taking RUBIO. Then you would have 2 legit scoring threats in HARDEN at the 2 guard and DURANT at the 4 if you want with GREEN at the 3 or you can tweak the lineup with DURANT at the 3 and GREEN at the 2 with HARDEN at point sometimes. The HARDEN pick would give the THUNDER great versatility on many nights in many occasions. Then the WIZARDS I would give RUBIO only because he could be the true point that would allow Gilbert Arenas to move off the ball to the 2. Think of that lineup to start with RUBIO, ARENAS, BUTLER, JAMISON and HAYWOOD. Finally the T-WOLVES and I think this is the team and pick that could jump then into a playoff team within 2 years. STEPH CURRY. I know every1 likes CURRY to the Knicks but I say MINNESOTA takes him at 6 to give them a legit scorer to go with TELFAIR, JEFFERSON, LOVE and all the other Hustle Your Butt Off, Hi B-BALL IQ guys they got like GOMES, FOYE, SMITH, CARNEY, BREWER and MILLER, even though I hear MILLER could be out the door and with a pick like CURRY you could so see it and understand it. I truly believe if these 4 teams do select these four players like this, in the next 2-3 seasons all these teams will be playoff bound and fixtures in the brackets for years to come.

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